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Sunday, July 10, 2011

All about YouGoSocial - in One-on-one with Google+

The trends in social media are changing with faster pace without any significant change in the current technology . Adding new features is all that is being done in a lucrative manner to attract users around d globe .  YouGoSocial is an another strong opponent that is creating news because of its "all-in-one" feature . You think of any feature and it is there .
YGS comes with an attractive package of all qualities well -embedded on  the user's dashboard .
Comparing it with latest offering from the house of Google - "Google+" , I must say that YouGoSocial gives a tough fight in all aspects whether it is photosharing, blog sharing, likes and comments and one distinctive feature that makes YGS to stand apart is music sharing facility . this enables the user to share the music of their genre n taste with their friends .
Doing some slightest comparison with Facebook , I must mention that -Groups are to YouGosocial as Pages are to Facebook , similar places where people with similar interests can commune for like innovative and creative ideas, thus proving its mettle for budding entreprenuers. They can share ideas online or plan outings into the real world.. Events are direct replacements for Evite or we may call event invites with Facebook. It ensembles all the tools needed to plan and schedule events including calendar, descriptions, send invites, etc. And finally, forums, polls, and Q&A are various uber stuff for people to spear around and shoot the breeze.
I must conclude by saying that ,  You Go Social comes up with the next version of the web. It improvises the conventional ways people interact online and proposes something different- something better. Yougosocial provides their answer, With their Alexa rank standings at 79,229 .

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Its Summer Time!!!

Hi to all!!!
Her m back again with nothing to do right now. Seriously guyz its like surrounding hell. well m here to convey the latest buzz from the house of Chempaign(c) that all the coming second years going to sail the ship along with us as we r about to incorporate two new positions in Chempaign(c) team as of CO EDITORS. So all the second years get geared up for the witty scrutinizing session along with us as soon as you reach back the college. so see you in later posts. till then ,enjoy your summers as u have nothing much to do now, and for third years hope we all having great times at industrial training.

now a 3rd year!!!... he heh he

Friday, April 16, 2010

ChemPaign wishes!!!!.....

hi guyz... after a long stretch of tym.... m back again.... her are heartly wishes from the chempaign team for ur end xams...... dont think .... just do it!!!!!..... 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Vol. 1.2 under rolls!!!....

Hi guyz!!!... m back again after hectic n mind squeezing schedule of  15 odd over Chempaign vol. 1.2  has started with the same zeal and dedication.... soon to be out .... watch out this space for more.......

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fashion Week Blues at CHEMICAL @NITW!!!!!

Here is a glimpse of our final yrs dressed in tapori styl....

guyz this is ANKIT GUPTA.....

in pic L-R... Victor VInay, Harshit Garg

Anusha M. dressed in to typical female tapori getup...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

unveling just a bit!!!.... uummph

Unveiling a bit of  the cover page!!!....juast wait for 2 more dayz.....
hu ha!!!

Prizes for Chempaign Vol 1.1!!!!

hey ya!!!... here s latest news from the house of Chempaign. winners of the crossword puzzels of Vol 1.1 goin to get goodies from  our Prize Sponsor VINNOITE
So go ahead!!!... as your anticipation goin to get ova soon!!!!